Ball Bearing Turntables

Remel Jsco. is active in ball bearing turntables production since the 1970’s. It was one of the major producers of ball bearing turntables in the former socialist countries. The ball bearing turntables of Remel are produced from hot rolled profiles of high quality steel and the production technology includes heating, pressing and machining among many other operations. This technology and our constant efforts towards perfecting this process ensure Remel Jsco.’s high quality turntables.

The turntables are an important element in transport vehicles. They are used as a moving coupling between the frame and the front steering axle. Each turntable has two steel rings and antifriction steel balls in between. The design of Remel’s turntables ensures that the power transmission is well distributed by the ball bearing. The ball races function by absorbing the axial and radial forces arising from the static and dynamic loads. Eight holes are used for fixing the upper structure to the frame of the trailer. Remel’s ball bearing turntables can be produced with standard mounting holes or without holes. Custom mounting holes at the client’s request is also an option. Our turntables are delivered primed or painted.

Currently Remel Jsco. delivers two major types of ball bearing turntables: standard turntables and low maintenance turntables. The standard ones are solid and continuously improved throughout the years. The low maintenance turntables have high resistant rubber seals which allow an initial period of usage without maintenance.

Now Remel also offers a central greasing unit which allows greasing of the whole turntable from a centralized panel. The ambitious team of Remel is working hard to continue delivering optimized solutions with excellent quality at reasonable prices to our customers.